Our primary target is to improve our measuring abilities each day. One of the essential principle of Yıldız Yay is to stay updated related to the recent conformity inspection technologies to be able to track the part conformity at every manufacturing level.

Internal Laboratory Scope

Faro 3D LaserArm
Faro is a 3D laser scanning device capable of realizing internal and external 3D measurements. It allows the user contactless 3d laser scanning ability for a series of inspection missions like CAD comparison, part conformity, reverse engineering and 3d documentation.

(1,8m kol)

ASME B89.4.22-2004
Profile Projector
Profile projector screen consist of X-Y axis and 360° rotatable dial, and reflects the substance dimensions placed on the transparent glass. It can extract measurements with 0,005 mm precision on vertical and horizontal axis. View can be magnified via 10X, 20X, 50X, 100X lenses.
0 mm < L ≤ 300 mm
Jis b 7184 -1999
Spring Tension-Compression Test Device
It is used in tension and compression spring conformity tests
500N / 0,1N (±1%)
Torque Tester Device
With special tools according to spring shapes, it is used in torque conformity tests
500Nm / 0,1Nm (±1%)