With 15 million annual avarage part production capacity, we supported more than 50 OEM projects as sub-part supplier in last 15 years. We realized part supply to: seating assembly group with seating body wires, armrest and backrest reinforcement wires, backrest and seat suspension wires and pads, foam, cover and isofix wires, headrest wire and seating mechanism springs, exhaust assembly group with wire and tube connection brackets, metal fluid transfer assembly group with sheet metal connection brackets and clips. Apart from these, hood and door locking pins, hood stay rods and oil dipsticks are other part groups we have in our product portfolio.

Available processes in our shop floor

Tube and Wire End Forming
3D Wire Bending
3D Tube Bending
CNC and Stamped Sheet Forming
Spring Coiling
Headrest Cell
Spot Welding
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Applications
Wire Straightenning and Cutting