We all as Yıldız Yay Otomotiv Makine Metal Sanayi target to conduct our businesses with high ethic values.

We apply our code of ethics equally to all.

Each code of ethics is obligatory for all staff including the manager and the leaders.

• We expect our employees to follow our code of ethics while ensuring that their colleagues follow as well.

• We expect our leaders to convey this code of ethics to their subordinates and we expect the leaders to ensure the corporate culture medium guided by this codes is maintained and deployed by the contribution of each employee.

• We courage the transparency to be able to inspect properly the deployment of the ethic rules, we commit that we will be the part of solution in case of any violation and we do not permit any retaliation.

We Protect the Health and Safety of Our Employees

It is important for us that our employees are working in a safe and healthy environment.

• We expect our employees to contribute our safety effort by using required personel protective equipments and follow the defined safety instructions and safety caution signs.
• We do not ignore any thread to an individual or property in our working area.
• In every area the work is conducted, we do not accept alcohol or drug use and we do not accept working under the impact of these material.

We Do Refuse the Discrimination and Believe the Importance of Equal Opportunities.

We only regard the objective values created by any employee, we do not permit discrimination on the basis of color, race, gender, age, pregnancy, ethnicity, religion.

• We commit to provide and sustain the required equality medium in hiring, salary, benefits, promotion, retirement and termination.

We Do Care Honesty and Transparency

In our each activity, we ground on unconditionally honesty, justice and moderation.

• Yıldız Yay is a quality focused company. With a true transparency, you must share any activity keeps us away from that target, even this is your individual mistake. Otherwise you disrupt the information flow, you hide the problem and prevent the solution.
• Under any circumstances, we do not tolerate the corruption, fraud, bribery, overcharging or any unearned income in our company and our supply chain.

We Protect the Confidentiality of all Real and Legal Entities

We protect confidential information of all entities that we conduct business. In our company and in our supply chain, any act of putting the confidentiality of 3rd parties in jeopardy is not tolerated. In case of a legitimate investigation, this informations may only be shared with the legal authorities.

• We only process the business related informations. We do not access the databases or data systems that we do not have authority, that contain our colleagues personal informations, that contains Yıldız Yay confidential information. We do not share these information with 3rd parties without a written consent.

We Do Protect Intellectual Properties

We protect all works that contains intellectual property rights in our company, our supply chain and customer relations. We do not tolerate sharing Yıldız Yay intellectual properties.

• Keep all our know-how secrets providing commercial benefits. Do not commit illegal act to reach the confidential informations of our competitives and our customers.
• Share informations with your colleagues and subordinates as much they need to know.
• If you process any confidential data related to your task, make sure that it is safe when you leave your position.
• Do not permit anybody in any circumstances to use recording devices on the shopfloor without an exact consent of general manager.

We Only Prioritize Yıldız Yay Benefits

In every area that we conduct business, we expect Yıldızyay long term benefits to be prioritized.

• We do not acknowledge receiving or giving anything that has monetary value and has an impact on professional opinions in our company, supply chain or customer relations. We do not excuse consuming Yıldız Yay substantial values, infrastructure or human resources to gain individual benefits.
• As Yıldız Yay employees, we act with total awareness of being responsible for using company resources and the necessity of being moderate while we do.

We Respect the Working Hours, Compensation and Freedom of Association Rights

We respect all employing rights specified by the law. We do pay to our employees within the boundaries specified by the law.

• We provide the convenient medium to employee representatives to carry out their tasks. We do not discriminate because of institutional right of association and collective bargain.
• In case of required overtime work exceeding the 45 hours within a week, we provide overtime payments as required by the law. We share all information about payroll deductions and taxes.
• At legal framework, we fulfill the compensation liabilities.

This code of ethics policy is prepared to share our open commitment of fulfilling our responsibilities to establish and sustain a moral professional network with all our employees and stakeholders