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The purpose of this Confidentiality Policy is to process and protect personal data shared by the users/ visitors (“Data Subject”) of Yıldız Yay website at the address of http://www. (“Website”) run by Yıldız Yay (“Company”) with the Company or the personal data that the Company or Data Subject shares during the use of the Website.

In this respect, the Company shall have the right to change, correct and/ or terminate the pages, visuals and connections in the website unilaterally and without any prior notice.

Moreover it should be noted that you can arrange your use of cookies by way of browser settings at all times.


Personal Data to be processed

All data that qualify as “Personal Data” which are attributable to all persons related to our Company and which are accepted as “personal data” pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Law (“PDPL”) are processed and stored in line with the PDPL.


Data Reliability

Our Disclosure Text sets out the identity of the data controller in relation to our website and our purposes for processing personal data, our methods to gather data and transferee. You can have access our Cookie Policy and our Policy for Protection and Process of Personal Data.

We adopt appropriate technical and administrative measures set in respect to the data security under the PDPL.

In case of an amendment to our texts related to the protection of personal data, these texts shall be re-posted at our website in their most current version.

Legal copyrights of visuals at our website that we and/or group companies own, including information about products, services or materials are our property and it is forbidden to reproduce, copy, change or commercialize for any purpose without our permission.

We cannot be held responsible for any loss or cost that may directly or indirectly arise from malfunctions, faults, power shortages, computer virus or server errors in connection with the system or the performance of your device during the use of our website.


Cookie Policies

Yıldız Yay (“Yıldız Yay”) we act in compliance with current technologies, declarations and laws and secure the currency and security of our website in conformity with today’s stardards in information technologies or Internet use.

This directive and information herein is intended to make our investors aware of and inform them about this confidentiality, cookie use and personal data protection policy (“Policy”).


What is a cookie?

Cookies are text-based files that host the user information (the most frequently visited sections, language options, etc.) and that are placed by the Website server on your computer or mobile devices for the use of our website.

Main purposes underlying the use of cookies in our website are listed as follows:

  • To help enhance the functionality and performance of our website to offer improved services to our visitors;
  • To offer new features over our website, to improve the site and to help you personalize these new features based on your preferences;
  • To procure the legal and commercial security of our visitors, company and website.


Web browsers (such as Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox) host cookies in their own structures. Whenever you wish to do, you can deactivate cookies. You can make use of documents below for cookie management in browsers:

  • Google Chrome:
  • Internet Explorer:
  • MozillaFirefox:
  • Opera:
  • Safari:


Please visit and for more detailed information about cookies.


Cookie Types:

Session Cookies: These are the instantly used cookies when users visit the website. After the browser is closed, they will be automatically deleted from your computer or mobile devices. This kind of cookies intends to ensure the smooth operation of the website during your visit.

Persistent Cookies: These are cookies which memorize the information of users and which remember the user preferences. Persistent cookies are intended to enhance the functionality of the website and to offer better and faster services to visitors. For instance, in a system where the user has logged in, when you close off and on your browser, they may help you proceed with without a user log-in. These cookies stay in your computer or mobile devices until they expire and they are deleted upon expiry.

Performance and Analysis Cookies: These are cooties to process certain data such as the average time spent by a user while browsing the website and visited pages.

Functionality Cookies: These are cookies in which language and interfaces of websites etc as well as user’s habits of use are stored.

Cookies used by our website are listed below:

_ga, _gat, _gid: These are cookies used for Google Analytics. Randomly produced user ID (to understand unique users) is used to evaluate the purpose of visit, to compile necessary reports for website and to report user interaction.

We do not use any cookie other than the ones above and your personal data are not transferred to any third party.

If you wish to cancel Google Analytics permissions in your computer, please visit

You can contact us at our mail address Yıldız Yay, Altınova Mahallesi 2.Keman Sk. no 12 Küçükbalıklı Osmangazi Bursa or our e-mail address for detailed information.

The policy provisions above may be amended by Yıldız Yay. Current policy will be effective on the date it is posted at our website.